Pre Workout Supplements.... Do they really work?

Pre Workout Supplements.... Do they really work?

May 04, 2017
Pre Workout Supplements....  Do they really work?

For those of us with stressful, busy lives, where thirty minutes to relax feels like five or the idea of doing anything more physical than pouring a cup of coffee after a beer the night before drives you straight back to bed curtains closed, lights off and alarm set for a time where if anyone asks you what time you got up this morning, your answer will probably have to be a lie or risk being patronizingly looked down at or mocked mercilessly.

It is drilled into us that exercise is good for the mind and the soul and that regular gym sessions or physical activity will help you live longer, look younger, stay fitter, be happier. And even if what happens is I get arthritis ten years earlier and need new hips and knees by the age of forty-five I will at least have that moral superiority of knowingly my knee is finished from wear, and not through lack of use.

Whatever your goal, whatever you are training that day, or however glorious the weather, getting the running shoes on or donning the cycling shorts can be a chore and enough to test the will of even the most dedicated chiseled gym goer. The answer is relatively cheap, effective and depending on what tickles your taste buds, even enjoyable. The answer is a pre-workout drink!

Long gone are the days where eating bananas and putting half a kilo of sugar in a strong black coffee the most effective way of charging the batteries to get your ass off the sofa. With leading supplement companies naming pre-workout drinks or just ‘pre-workouts’ if you are down with it, aggressive names like Anarchy, Mr Hyde, C4 Extreme, SuperPump Max and Assault they are enough themselves to inspire you into something more productive than watching repeats on Dave. 

While the different brands choose slightly different formulas and concoctions to entice you to part with your hard-earned cash, ultimately the goal is to get you feeling energized with a cocktail of stimulants, firing you up to maximize your workout. Putting a few grams of powder into water and giving it, a stir or shake is all that is required, so even the laziest of them all can manage to ‘get it down them’.

After the usual sharp, sour fluid in a multitude of available flavors has gone, it’s time to get ready and do so quickly. My experience of taking pre-workouts is like feeding a five-year-old a large can of energy drink, strapping them down for twenty minutes, and letting them loose in a library. Carnage awaits if your new found mental and physical state is not put to the test. Within minutes my skin feels different, my face itches, my ears ring and I could not sit still if I was paid to. I defy even the idlest to take a pre-workout and sit in front of the tv for longer than ten minutes without fidgeting so much anyone else in the room would leave.
The effects are relatively short lived and before the end of a long gym session they will have considerably subsided, but by then it does not matter. Your heart should be beating faster because of all the hard work you've done, and not because you are wired on a legal blend of stimulants.

Like all stimulants, pre-workouts need to be used with thought and care. Giving them to children just before sending them back to their parents before bed time is not going to keep you on the Christmas card list. If used properly, they’re a powerful addition to your supplements arsenal enabling you to maximize your potential and get the most of out of your session.

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