• 50% Whey Protein powder 2.25kg

Key Benefits

  •         21.6g of protein per serving
  •         56 servings per tub
  •         Supports all training goals
  •       Slow releasing amino acids for building powerful and lean muscle growth



Knurl Nutrition Whey formula represents the latest advances in protein and is designed to transport maximum protein with rapid absorption for individuals who are aiming for a lean, cut physique.

Our 50% Whey contains high levels of BCAAs which are vital in the manufacture, maintenance and repair of the muscle tissue. The three-stage release formula is a balanced blend of ultra-fast, medium term and slow acting digesting proteins for optimal protein synthesis and muscle recovery.

A steady release of amino acids throughout the day or night keeps the body in an anabolic state, given all you need to build powerful and lean muscle growth. 50% Whey is formulated and blended under strict conditions in our UK state of the art facilities to produce the purest whey formula possible.



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50% Whey Protein powder 2.25kg

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